How To Wipe Load Os Using BBSAK Tool

How to Wipe / Load OS Using BBSAK

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Hi guys. I tried to search for the topic how to use BBSAK to wipe/load OS and I couldn’t find it. So I thought of making a simple guide for all you guys out there. Feel free to give your comment as this is my first ‘How-To’ in crackberry

For those Loader.exe lover, the link on how to use it is at the bottom of the topic

For starters, I never thought of using BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) to wipe. I did too many upgrading and downgrading since I love hybrids and I was worried chunks of useless information is stored in my phone.

BBSAK really do a good job in wiping. They wipe everything! Okay, enough of talking. Here is the guide:

Requirements to run BBSAK (click to download):
1. BBSAK program
2. Net Framework 2.0 or higher
3. Desktop Manager

Step-by-step Guide
1. Always backup your phone. Backup your phone using Desktop Manager.
2. You can backup your 3rd party apps too if you want but I usually don’t. I will do a fresh download of those apps to be on the safe side.
3. Plug in the cable to your phone and run BBSAK.
4. You will see a box to enter the password. If you don’t have a password, leave it blank and press OK. If you have a password, key in the password and press OK.
5. You will be able to see your BlackBerry PIN at the PIN box if the phone is connected correctly to BBSAK.
6. Search for the option to Wipe Device and it will prompt you if you are sure to wipe. If you have not backup your phone (or forgotten to), this is a good time to exit and backup first.
7. Press Wipe Device and wait until the box appear saying Wipe Complete.
8. The phone will reboot and you will then proceed to a white screen. It will prompt you Error 507. Do not panic and follow the next step and don’t unplug the cable.
9. If you have the desired OS installed in your computer, select the option for Load OS.
10. From here, everything is straight forward and just follow the instructions.

Other notes:
> BBSAK is much simpler as it auto delete the Vendor file for you.

Reminders before backup:
1. Download and install the latest BBSAK and OS you desired.
2. Backup the contents of your choice.

Okay, here’s another guide of mine about using Loader.exe instead of BBSAK. Enjoy!
How To Load / Wipe Using Loader.exe

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I hope this helps and feel free to give your comment

Have a great day guys!

*Personal opinion: Yes, I know there are people saying Loader.exe or ABC XYZ is better than BBSAK. Frankly, I am not making this topic to say which is better but just to help out those who are looking for a simple guide on how to use BBSAK