Vitool V1.5,Automatic Save your Current iBf

Vitool Ver 1.5,Automatic Save your Current iBf #.. Pc hang/restarted it will resume !

Vitool Ver 1.5

What’s new ?

Added “Automatic Save”to Default Method’s Unlock Button !!

What it is ?

During iBF ( Iphone Brute Force ) if somehow your pc get:


Electricity Gone


Mistakenly Shutdown

Blue Screen error

and you are not with your pc then you really don’t know what numbers was going from where you have to resume etc.

So now you don’t have to worry. from

Default Method

Unlock Button

we added this Function. Now it will Automatic save your current number and if somehow pc get distrub/restart etc it will saved last attempted number. so as you put iBF Back. it will ask you to

Last unlock operation has not been completed, whether to continue or not?



If you Click on Yes it will Resume from last attempted number

if you click on No it will start new calculation

Vitool StandAlone & Vitool for Volcano with Pack1 Activation Details…

Vitool StandAlone & Vitool For Volcano are 100% same !! Both have Nokia N95 Usb Port !!

How to get Pack1 Free ?

All Volcano Users who will Purchase Vitool will have Pack1 FOR FREE, Just need to Connect Volcano & Vitool Both at the same time this will open PAck1 Software !!

All ViTools updates…ocker-1901865/

Index of ./VolcanoBox/ViTool – Iphone PassCode Reader & Disabled Unlocker/

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