Sprint Samsung Unlocker

I been working on this solution for a while now. This program will unlock your phone in seconds. Its been tested to work on all samsung sprint phones such as Note3,Note4, S5, etc…
Just install the program and click unlock. Keep in mind that this will not work for USA carriers. All 4.4.2 and up modems has a hard lock on those sim cards. So you can unlock phones older than the S5 to work in the USA, you just have to downgrade the modem.

If this program has helped you, please consider donating. I spent many many hours trying to figure this solution out and make it work for you in under 3 seconds.
Here is the link for donation and bounty:
or paypal to csplayer2912@hotmail.com
If there is an issue with the program, please PM me so we can fix it.

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