Samsung Galxy 5282 Ear Speaker ways

Samsung Galxy 5282 Ear Speaker ways solution.Samsung 5282 Ear Speaker not working solution 100% done

samsung 5282 Ear Speaker jumper ways 5282 Ear Speaker solution

Fault Details: Samsung Glaxy 5282 Ear Speaker Not Working Problem, Ear Speaker Points Damage Problem.Solution: Ear Speaker problem can be solved by changing Ear Speaker panel only, if problem in connector or ic then this is difficult to solve easily. If ic damage then change or jumper or connector point damage problem then see diagram below and make jumpers like diagram below. Samsung 5282 problem can be solve in a few steps as given in this post.How we can find Ear Speaker fault into a cellphone is very easy way.when ever our Ear Speaker destination monbile phone or we can Ear Speaker our own of voice cell phone it means it Ear Speaker working.If a Samsung 5282 Ear Speaker is not working then Ear Speaker problem can be solve in given bellow steps that are provided in diagram bellow.

First step is open mobile and check Samsung Galaxy 5282 Ear Speaker points on borad if there is a good value in it then change Ear Speaker with new one.Problem will be solve. if onlyEar Speaker points do not show value then chek all Ear Speaker track and parts that are used in Ear Speaker function in Samsung Ear Speaker parts and track are given in bellow diagram check all these parts and components and if necesory resold or change them.this will help you in Samsung 5282 Ear Speaker Solution Jumper Problem Ways Ear Speaker

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