Safe/resume Downlod from Chinese &

Safe/resume Downlod from Chinese &

As we know that we Most are suffer a lot to downlod from Baidu server & Baidu pcs
Most common case are Slow downlod speed,link broke in midway,no resume support ,at the and of downlod sudden stop working Etc .

and one more problem is unable to access those chines server
reason all notwork and country don’t have access permission
still you will be able to access by using proxy or vpn
but i will never share here what is proxy or how to use [for other reason]
its very simple software manage yourself by searching

Lets start :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
1.Create a new account to baidu server Here‘ border=0 title=”stick out tongue” class=inlineimg v:shapes=”_x0000_i1025″>
its normal like register in other forums [ use google translator or chrome ] to translate language in english
2.downlod official downloder [ baidu downloder ] Here
3. now see video guide carefully how to downlod from pan baidu server
Advantage oF baidu downloder : resume support,downlod like as torrent ,batter average downlod speed,link won’t be broken etc..

To be continue next i will show you how to downlod from similar site yun baidu server little different method no need any tools all you have done already…………………..!!