Oss Client V3.2 Full Info


OSS-Client – Welcome new methods & Solutions of MTK/Qualcomm/Broadcom Unlocking/repair & More Features…

We have released the most comprehensive solution on the market … Meta/ADB Mode Supported.
This the powerfull and universal solution for make any service in the phones based on MT65XX chips! Tablets, phablets And Is Supported… The renamed CHIP MT8312C Is Supported In all Variants

MTK platform update:
♦ almost all Android smartphones of different brands based on
MT6516 / MT6572 / MT6573 / MT6575 / MT6577 / MT6582 / MT6583 /MT6589 / MT6592/ MT6595 /chips
♦ Smartphones with Invalid IMEI/ Null Null IMEI / Now you can repair with just A Click
♦ smartphones with blocked counter of code entries attempts / disabled unlock codes entry fields
♦ smartphones that get locked again (relocked) after master reset operation has been completed
♦ MTK smartphones, solving lots of unlock issues

Simplified unlock procedure allows to avoid issues with phone connection
and searching / installing drivers for every particular new brand.

* Manual Unlock – How to Unlock MTK Phones Using OSS-Client

♦Direct unlock and Get unlock codes features (via ADB/Meta mode)
for the following models:

Alcatel Smartphone!!!

♦OT-928,OT-A996,OT-W969,OT-A986,OT-A980,OT-J610,Orange Denvor,Orange Pasadena,Orange San Remo,
♦Orange HIRO,Orange YOMI,Orange REYO,Orange ZILO,Orange Luno
♦Glory 2S Pro,Soleil,OT-6012,OT-6012A,OT-6012X,OT-6012D,OT-6012E,OT-4015X,OT-4015A,OT-4015D,
♦OT-5036D,OT-5037,PIXI II,POP C1,Vodafone Smart 4 mini,OT-V685,OT-4018A,OT-4018D,OT-4018E,OT-4018M,
♦OT-7024W,OT-7024N,OT-7024R,OT-5020T,OT-5020N,Telenor Smart Pro 2,Telenor Smart Pro,OT-6010,OT-6110,OT-6010D,
♦OT-6030,OT-6033,OT-975,OT-5035,OT-5035X,Star,Idol Ultra,X'Pop,OT-J720,OT-J726,OT-J920,OT-7040A,OT-7040D,
♦OT-6037Y,OT-6037K,TO-7040T,OT-J926...& other Alcatel smartphones on MT65XX chips

Huawei Smartphone!!!

♦Ascend Y220-U00,Ascend Y220-U05,Ascend Y220-U10,Ascend Y220-U17,
♦Ascend Y221-U03,Ascend Y221-U12,Ascend Y221-U22,Y221-U33,Ascend ♦Y330-U01,Ascend Y330-U05,Ascend Y330-U07,Ascend Y330-U08,Ascend Y330-U11,Ascend Y330-U15,Ascend Y330-U17,
♦Ascend Y320-U01,Ascend Y320-U30,Ascend Y320-U151,
♦Ascend Y511-U00,Ascend Y511-U10,Ascend Y511-U251,Ascend Y511-U30,Ascend 
♦Y600-U151,Ascend Y600-U00,Ascend Y600-U20,Ascend Y600-U351,Ascend Y600-U40,
♦Ascend Y520-U03,Ascend Y520-U33,Ascend Y520-U12,Ascend Y520-U22,
♦Ascend Y321-U051,
♦Ascend Y320-U01,Ascend Y320-U30,Ascend Y320-U151,
♦Ascend G610-U15,Ascend G610-U20,Ascend G610-U251,
♦Ascend G700-U00,Ascend G700-U10,Ascend G700-U20,
♦Ascend Y310,Ascend Y310,
♦Ascend G730-U00,Ascend G730-U10 & other Huawei smartphones on MT65XX chips

Motorola Smartphone!!!

♦ XT303 Motosmart M
♦ XT305 Motosmart Me
♦ XT389 Motoluxe
♦ XT390 Motosmart
♦ XT914 RAZR D1
♦ XT915 RAZR D1
♦ XT919 RAZR D3
♦ XT920 RAZR D3

Lenovo Smartphone!!!

♦Lenovo A516,Lenovo A529,Lenovo A269,Lenovo A269I,
♦Lenovo A536Lenovo S720,Lenovo A800,Lenovo A390,Lenovo S890
♦Lenovo S920,Lenovo A766,Lenovo P780,Lenovo S960,
♦Lenovo s820,Vodafone Smart Tab 3,Lenovo TAB A1000L & other Lenovo smartphones on MT65XX chips

ZTE Smartphone!!!

♦Zte V795,Blade Q,Blade Q Mini,Blade Q Maxi,Kis Q,Kis Q,T815,B795,Telstra Tempo,Zte V795
♦TELSTRA T760,ZTE V760,ZTE-U V857,ZTE-U V856,Movistar One,Momodesign MD Smart,ZTE T12,
♦Telstra Uno,Telstra Smart-Touch 2,ZTE Blade L2 & other ZTE smartphones on MT65XX chips

HTC & Other New Smartphone Supported!

♦HTC 210,HTC 310
♦Irbis TX69,TX17,TX18,TX77
♦Oysters T7V 3G,T72 3G,T72V 3G
♦Spice Mi-496,Spice Mi-515 Coolpad,Spice Coolpad 2,Spice Mi-525 Pinnacle FHD
♦Qmobile A7,QMobile A8,QMobile A9,Qmobile Noir A8
♦Vtelca V791,Vtelca V793,Vtelca 865M
♦Acer Liquid Z130,Liquid Z150,Liquid Z4,Liquid Z110,Liquid Z120,Liquid Z2
♦AVVIO 765,Avvio 792,Avvio 970,Avvio 790,Avvio 765,Avvio 768
♦Philips S308, W3620, W6610

Other Brand´s & Ref of Devices With MTK Chipset Inside!

♦ 99% of Android smartphones of all brands on MT65XX chips Supported
♦If you have in your Hands a Smartphone Unsupported With MTK Chipset Inside please contact Us.

Broadcom platform update:
SAMSUNG Broadcom Added Full Support for the Following tipes of Smartphone Devices: BCM1 / BCM2 / BCM3 / BCM4 /

SAMSUNG BROADCOM Models & Features Supported [BCM1/BCM2/BCM3/BCM4]

♦ IMEI repair/rebuild
♦ relock to Any Carrier you Want
♦ Samsung BCM 4 IMEI repair for Dual SIM Devices Auto Mode
♦ BCM4 relock Fixed

EXTRA ADDON… Huawei Calculation New Models Added

Huawei Smartphone Supported for IMEI Calculation

♦Ascend Y320-U01
♦Ascend Y320-U10
♦Ascend Y320-U30
♦Ascend Y320-U351
♦Ascend Y320-U051
♦Ascend Y321-U151 & Other Variants Undertest
♦Ascend Y520-U12 
♦Ascend Y520-U22 
♦Ascend Y520-U33