Tablet A23-INET-D70-REV02 kitkat Firmware

Tablet A23-INET-D70-REV02 Zeng-gc 2014-04-15 4.4.2 kitkat Firmware 100% tasted Download Eurostar ePad Colors ET7008C-B13 Tablet 7inch Firmware 100% Tasted Stock rom Firmware Download Here. Eurostar ePad Colors ET7008C-B13 Tablet (7inch white lcd Problem done via flash. A23-INET-D70-REV03 Tablet White Lcd Problem Solve by Firmware Update.A23-INET-D70-REV02 Android 4.4.2 KK Firmware Download Tasted Update. A23-INET-D70-REV02 China Tablet Rom 100% Tasted Flash File Update DownloadA23-INET-D70-REV02 stock rom/flash file/ firmware/scatter free download. A23-INET-D70-REV02 flash file scatter/official firmware/stock rom without password. Official firmware Download.This is china A23-INET-D70-REV03 & A23-INET-D70-REV02 SaME official flash file or firmware 100% tested file. A23-INET-D70-REV02 Aandroid 4.4.2 Official Firmware, Flashtool & Drivers Complete Guide. A23-INET-D70-REV02 Stock Rom Firmware Download & Update Tutorial.How To update Eurostar ePadcolors ET7008C-B13 A23 CPU INET-D70-REV02 How To Install Complete Tutorial. A23-INET-D70-REV02 Tasted Firmware Download. A23-INET-D70-REV02 Tasted Firmware Download Here .


 INET-D70-REV02 Zeng-gc 20140415 Firmware 100% Tasted Download

Band : EUROSTAR – ePadColors
Model : ET7008C-B13
CPU : A23
Mainbord ID : INET-D70-REV02 Zeng-gc 2014-04-15 Eurostar ePad Colors ET7008C-B13 Tablet (7inch, Android 4.1, 8GB, Wifi)

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Board id : inet d70 rev03 & inet d70 rev02 SAME Download

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