How to update Allwinner tablets

How to update Allwinner tablets with Phoenix Suit

PhoenixSuit Allwinner Tablet A2X And A3X Flashing Tools andStep by Step  Tutorial

How to flash Allwinner tablets with Phoenix Suit Flashing Tool

Download and install  Phoenix Suit . On first run it will be in Chinese language but after installation its in English do not panic .

*Click on Highlighted option and wait for next installation window.

* Let it run and install this driver software anyway .

*Device driver installation wizard will run click on next

*  PhoenixSuit will complete installation process and Google Universal driver will be installed on computer.

* Now Click on PhoenixSuit icon on desktop.

* Turn off your tablet , hold Volume Down button , insert cable and press volume button about 10 times . Tablet will be connect to PhoenixSuit .

* Click on Image to select desired Firmware.

* Select Firmware .img file  and click on upgrade.

* Firmware up gradation or restoration  will began .

* Select “YES” to enter format upgrade mode. Click yes again on next window.

* A green flashing bar will be start from 0 to 100 .

you are done. Flashing Allwinner tablet procedure is complete now. Your tablet will be reboot .

1st reboot will take 3-5 minutes. Do not panic.