How To Root Samsung Galaxy SM-G530T

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530T Android 5.1.1 Tasted Method

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxt G530T Root File & Root Solution Download

[Kernel/Root] Root for the SM-G530T 5.1.1 [AOF8]

Root method for AOF8 / 5.1.1 for the SM-G530T THIS WILL TRIP KNOX. If you don’t want to trip knox don’t use this. If you do use it and whine you tripped knox because you didn’t read ,we will all point and laugh at you.

Named it TrapKernel because well its not my normal HispAsian Kernel and I listened to a crap ton of Trap Music while doing it.

Thanks to @g.lewarne and his root method with his Unibase and Unikernel for the s6 , we finally have root after I ported it over to us. So be sure to thank him for his work.

What’s included:
Auto installation of root and busy box
Kernel set to permissive
Otherwise stock

So here’s the deal. Stupid simple.

1. Put Phone in Download mode
2. Open Odin
3. Connect Phone
4. Put Kernel in AP Slot
5.Flash it
6. Reboot and profit

Download SuperSu from the Playstore. Its not included.
If it doesnt boot on first boot, pull the battery and reboot


Do NOT mirror this link. Period.

TrapKernel AOF8

Special thanks to:
@g.lewarne for the obvious reason of being awesome and his root method for the s6.
@ajp87 for testing multiple tests
@Chainfire for SuperSU