how To hard reset Winmax XC7


Winmax XC7 hard reset

Today I’ll show you how to reset Winmax XC7.
Use this method on Winmax XC7 if you don’t know your pattern unlock code or if you have software problems with your tablet.
Warning! All user data will be lost!

Winmax XC7 hard Rerest Solution 100% Done

Winmax XC7 Pattern lock remove Done

Winmax XC7 Pin Lock & Pass lock remove Done

Hard Reset Winmax XC7

press and Hold ( Volume+ & Power Key )

Then Show Menu Select Boot Mode : After Select Now ( Volume UP To Choice Now & Volume Down To Select Now )

1- ( Recovery Mode )

2- ( Fastboot Mode )

3- ( normal   Mode )

Hard Reset Pattern Lock Remove ( Choice Now RECOVERY Mode )

Then press Volume Down – With Recovery Mode

Then Show Android Symtem Recovery

Then press  { volume – TO Wipe data/factory reset )

Then Press  { Volume + To Chice Wipe data/factory reset )

Then Show All Wipe Confim  Option

Then Press  { volume – TO Select – Yes–delete all user data )

Then press  { Volume + TO Confim User data Formate }

Succesfull Hard reset Done

Reboot System Now