FT Pebble10 MT6582 Tablet Firmware Download

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FT Pebble 10 MT6582(MR7063H1C6W1)Elink_Mr706_D3_V6_2014.04.14

FT Pebble 10 MT6582 Tablet Firmware Download

FTPebble 10 MT6582 Elink_MR706_D3_V6 Tablet Firmware Rom

CPU > MT6582 SW:0001 Ver:CA01

Downloading Boot11….

EMMC Size > 0x01CE00000

Flash Type > EMMC

INT/EXT RAM Size > 0x20000+0x40000000

Download Link > FTPEBBLE 10 MT6582 Elink_MR706_D3_V6 OR MR7063H1C6W1