how to flash Rockchip Batch Tool

Flashing Firmware Image Files Using The Rockchip Batch Tool

This is a quick guide to Flash single firmware image files onto your tablet. Manufacturers mainly provide single image files to upgrade tablets, as do some Rom Cookers for their custom firmwares. If you want to install a custom firmware or want to return your tablet back to a manufacturers stock rom, for warranty purposes etc this is sometimes the only way to do it. It is quite straightforward to do so here we go!

Firstly this is presuming that you have already installed the Rockchip drivers for your tablet if not follow my guide here:…-for-flashing!


Make sure your tablet is charged. Download the Rockchip batch tool
Rockchip Batch Tool Download
Unzip the file and start the RKBatchTool program, and use the firmware path selector to find your firmware image.

Now put your tablet into recovery mode or flash mode as it is sometimes called and connect it to your PC. As you will see you will see that your device is connected, indicated by the green box. If you are upgrading from say a manufacturers Rom to a new version that hit the upgrade button, if you are installing a custom firmware that usually it is the restore button.

Step 3
Once you have done this the software will send the firmware to your tablet and the flashing process will begin, you will see firmware loading on the RockchipBatchTool screen, just leave it to do its work and be patient and be careful not to knock or touch anything while it is flashing. Once the process has completed your tablet will disconnect from the program and the green box will not be highlighted. Now the tablet will begin to flash and reboot with your new firmware on it!