Cp Blackberry Tools Download



Cp Blackberry Tools

Cp Blackberry Tools by kang arye

Fitur CP Blackberry tools :

-Device info (pin ,imei ,os ,swap partlist .etc)

-Flashing Path via rimfolder (sfi and java)

-Auto Loader(rapido,Factory Os ,reset lcd,reset buyr)

-Auto Applikasi,Load Cod/Jad File

-Load bahasa Indonesia

-Wipe,nuke,resetfactory,erase all

-Unlock Mep by Siroya

-usbMs Info,Enable,Disabled

-Info cfp and Javaloader

-Write Sfi and app

-Write mfi

Download Now

Mega.co.nz : CP Blackberry Tools recompile.exe 121.2 MB

Mediafire : CP Blackberry Tools recompile.exe 121.2 MB

Additional Files to download

MFI Files for CP Blackberry Tools

Mega.co.nz : MFISetup.exe 720.9 MB

Mediafire : MFISetup.exe 720.9 MB

LCD Reset for CP Blackberry Tools

Mega.co.nz : LCD Reset.exe 450MB

Mediafire : LCD Reset.exe 450MB


If you experience problems when clicking device info is always out the message “NOT CLASS REGISTER” it’s because of the system and BBCFPCOM.dll RIMRadioCOM.dll not attached to the windows.

how to activate it is:

– RIMRadioCOM.dll and BBCFPCOM.dll copy to c: \ windows \ system32 \
– Please click on the reg batc bb cp folder right click run administrative tools
– Make sure the file is installed with the mark sucsess