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FAQ}-Blackberry z10 {Hang / Block / 10 Left Password / Red Light } ETC

HI Guys,
I seen in forum always user posting to BB Section about z10 hang on logo , Red light , blocked password Etc problem . So let’s me explain here about these problem and solution . Kindly next time before post fellow my solution

Update With BB Link/Autoloader :
You can update your phone with Autoloader Remember you must use your same STL OS (EXAMPLE – STL100-1 ETC). STL version have in your phone back side . So you can download

correct OS for your Phone . Also you can update your phone with BB Link Its Online updater , 1st time take long time for Os downloading 2nd time no need long time , Cases you have download already !

Remember Some time unable to detect on BB Link , This case Simple wipe your Phone With CFP ( I already share in below ) Then connect to BB Link !

Hang On Logo / Red light :

1st try to update Autoloader Or BB Link . Remember if you try with Autoloader you must you same STL Version

If after update Still hang on logo , your problem is not solve So just wipe your phone with CFP For Blackberry Z10 By AzimBahar Then Update your phone

Password Block/10 Left :

1st you need use CFP For Blackberry Z10 By AzimBahar . This case connecting is impotent . You may connect too way . 1st run WIPE from CFT tools then connect phone and entry password 10 time. If same,

Once again Run WIPE and connect phone without battery and entry password 10 time.

After wipe update your phone that’s it

Impotent note :

If after wipe phone not connect to PC , Then connect battery to phone wait few min

These way tested By me 50 more time