Bypass icloud activation lock ios 7.1.2

Bypass icloud activation lock ios 7.1.2

Bypass iCloud activation lock ios 7.1.2 is for iphone 4 only. This bypass will remove the icloud activation lock on ios 7 7.0.1 7.0.2 7.1 7.1.1 7.1.2.

Bypassing the icloud activation screen will result in No Sercive i.e. you cannot use your iPhone for Cellular Use (calling / sms). But GPS, Wi-Fi, camera and other applications works normal.


1. Java Development Kit (JDK) (Download Here)

2. iCloud bypass package (Download Here)

3. RAR extarctor

3. iTunes installed Computer / laptop

4. iPhone cable

5. Working internet connection


Download and install java Development Kit (JDK)


Download thebypass package


– Plug in you iPhone to the computer

Extract the iCloud_bypass_Package.rar to your desktop

– Go in the new icloud bypass package Folder

– Run ssh.jar ( Needs JDK to run)

– Put your iPhone in DFU mode

– Wait till it downloads some files and shows this screen


( your iPhone will be showing apple Logo with restore status bar)

– DO NOT close the above window, keep as it is

– Now, open WinSCP.exe from the Folder

– Fill up same as this picture and click login

winscp icloud

– Click Yes if any acceptance of key is asked

– Click the Red Circled button (Shown Below)

winscp icloud 2

– Click yes if any thing is asked

– A console will open, type  in Enter command:  Field and click Execute

– Click Close after you see this window

winscp icloud 3

– Go To Root (shown in the pic below)

winscp root

– Go inside mnt1 > Applications and delete the file named


– Close the WinSCP.exe window and ssh.jar window


– Press both Home and Power button to turn off your iPhone and turn it on again

Your iPhone will boot in recovery mode, so run Exit Recovery.bat form the icloud bypass package folder.

After your iPhone reboots, you can access the spring board of you iPhone 4, use Wi-Fi and  Download applications from AppStore, use GPS, Camera, except make a phone call using a cellular network.

Bypass iCloud Activation lock ios 7.1.2

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock