Asansambox S4 i9515 Country Unlock cert

Asansambox(Qcn Reader_Writer Rev1.0.4)Released add auto cert i9515 and other phones

Asansambox Update Smaung S4 i9515 Country Unlock cert


Hi To All

QCN Reader/Writer Rev 1.0.4

GT-I9515 Wipe EFS/Auto Cert
SM-G313F Write Cert/Auto Cert
SM-G313MU Write Cert/Auto Cert
SM-G357F Write Cert/Auto Cert
SM-G357M Write Cert/Auto Cert
SM-G386F Write Cert/Auto Cert
SM-G386U Write Cert/Auto Cert
GT-S7275R Auto Cert For Unlock
GT-S7275B Auto Cert

About Auto Cert
No need select cert file 🙂

Auto Cert For Unlock

You can use this option for unlock

Success report
How to unlock s7275R with asansam?

About Write cert error


Writing Certificate… Fail
Cert Fail(Sign_IMEI_1)

Use wipe EFS with enable skip backup/restore qcn


Updates Will Continue!

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