Alcatel OT 7041D Ear Speaker Jumper Ways Solution

Alcatel OT 7041D Ear Speaker Jumper Ways Solution

Alcatel Pop C7 OT 7041D Ear Speakey Ways Solution

Alcatel One Touch 7041D Ear Speaker Jumper Ways Solution

Alcatel One Touch POP7 OT7041D Ear Speaker Ways Jumper Repair Solution

Folts Ditels ” Helow Dears user Alcatel OT7041D Ear Speaker not working solution,our device ot7041d phone showing no any Ear Speaker sound problem fast we chaked your using Ear Speaker problem in Volume Button Then Just Change your Ear Speakery new one,problem solved,if not solve then we need one Multimeters and then we chake now your device Ear Speaker Connecter Point 2leg pin just we chaked need, Here is the Repair Solution Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 7041D Ear Speaker Connecter Ways Jumper Solution Picture and Ditels Here just Read More Full Contants and Continue Now ,

ALCATEL POP C7 OT 7041D DUAL SIM Ear Speaker Ways Solution



Alcatel Pop C7 OT7041D Ear Speaker Jumper Solution , if you are find in now fast in chaked your Multimeters x100,1.5mm correct location,we fast chaked now your device Ear Speaker Location , in the chak your deviceEar Speaker 2pin Availabe then you are Find now Ear Speaker Backside or Font side in to the diod,register,siramixe,if you are now chaked in All Ear Speaker no any pin or line not mesing then just Change or replace new one Ear Speaker, if Problem not solved then just rehot or change All Ear Speaker ic,partch,diod,register,siramix then 100% working or solved solution just Reading My Full post or Chaked Picture Solution , if we find and line or ways mesing then chaked my picture or just jumper in the mesing line ways then problem 100% Solved Alcatel OneTouch pop C7 OT7041D Ear Speaker Ways Jumper Solution

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