Alcatel OneTouch OT-7041D Charging Ways Jumper Solution

Alcatel OneTouch OT-7041D Charging Ways Jumper Solution

Alcatel One-touch OT-7041D Usb Ways Solution,Alcatel One-touch OT-7041D Charging Jumper Ways Solution

Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 OT-7041D Usb Ways Solution

Alcatel One Touch OT-7041D Charging and Usb Problem Diteals , Helow Dears Friends Here is Hardware Repair Jumper,ways Solution for Alcatel One Touch OT-7041D Usb and Charging,if you are already cheek manually your change Charger or Usb Cable is ok , its alsow show usb & charger not working,charging or Complter usb not working, no any usb not support if your device usb or charging IC is damaze the we fix it will try to manully chaek your setting or if not solved, no problem its hardware repair posibale to just we complete read Content or cheek inside picture !

Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 OT-7041D USB & Charging Solution


Alcatel OT-7041D Charging Jumper Solution, Helow Dears User Here is the Alcatel One Touch OT-7041D Charging Ways Solution,we fast cheek in manually your device Charger, if not solved then just Your Alcatel One Touch OT-7041D disassemble your device, and just make a change Charging Slot new one, maybe solved, if not solved is same Problem usb or Charging not work, we found now who ways line messing in your device cheek now Multi-meters and Find the messing line, if you are not find any messing line see image below cheek on fast and just make jumper in now Usb Bach gold line point to IC Diode point and Solved your Alcatel One Touch OT-7041D USB and Charging Jumper Problem Solved

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