Alcatel MTK – How to Updater

Alcatel MTK – How to trick OTU Updater to update your phone !

With this guide you will be able to :
– Update your phone, which refused to update with OTU (you have latest sw, version message)
– Restore phone to stock condition
– Change language/customizations

Things you will need :

SPFlashTools some latest version (or one that works already for your model)
– Notepad++ or WinHEX or similar editor.
– pro_info file for your model
(can be read from phone, or requested, or grabbed from phone backup …)
– Alcatel OTU upgrade tool for your phone, download from official site or google it “ie: “your_model upgrade ”

first, you will need pro_info file for your phone – you can search for it,
back it up from phone, or (soon) download from this thread.

you will see something like this :

V5JF03D4UIWJ421SAA16Q2AA10C21A1 2049AUA

421 means – android version 4.2.1 (in this example), in your case can be something else. now, we change that into some lower number

V5JF03D4UIWJ412SAA16Q2AA10C21A1 2049AUA

obviously – magic is in the position 13,14,15 of that sequence …

finally, after putting some lower number, save pro_info file.

if pro_info is not from your phone / operator,
you can also search other part inside PRO_INFO, and change pid too,
so flash tool will flash desired PID, then it will have same language pack, customizations etc.

PID Examples, as-is in pro_info file(s):


PID example from 4010x : HIW4010X-2ADHMY1-S40
PID example from 6012x : JFX6012X-2CRGES3
PID example from 985x  : 985X-2DTNRS3

now … after you edited software version, and desired PID,
open scatter file for your phone (model), and search for __NODL_PRO_INFO
and change it into PRO_INFO , save file in same folder where pro_info file is.

Open up SPFlashTools, load that scatter, it will auto-tick pro_info file

before flashing it to phone – do FORMAT !
Format the phone – whole flash except preloader
after all of that – phone is ready to be upgraded with official OTU updater.
(and this time it will accept update).

few examples from my pro_info files :

F7JE58BCFOX3LN3SAA33A9AB10C08A1   	0873AZ4S2DL04-02 	JOX7041X-2ARGCH1	==== ot-7041x
Y6JF08AM3EXA2F2SAA17U0AC10C06A1		DEX3778AWHDL22-01	JFX6012X-2CRGES3	==== ot-6012x
H2JE08AQ3LW4PO2SAA1742AA10C11A1   	0528AUEDL01-14		8LW5020D-2AALUA1	==== ot-5020x
H2JE03D1GGWHVT4SAA1742AA10C05A1   	1208AUA			NGW5020D-2AALRU1	==== ot-5020x
H2JE08AQ3LW4PO2SAA1742AA10C11A1   	0528AUEDL01-14		8LW5020D-2AALUA1	==== ot-5020x
V4JD44D4AMWM1K2SAA3320AC45C13A1   	0080BUGDL39-02		9NW6040X-2EALBY1	==== ot-6040d
KRID03AG9PUJE04SAA3214AAV0C05A1		114223A			918D-2CALRU1-S40	==== ot-918D
SQJC35D43NVR9T4SAA3271AA21C08A1   	1322Q58			985X-2DTNRS3		==== ot-985x


– ALWAYS make a full BACKUP from your phone !!!
(use SPFlashTools, open scatter, write down “cache” beginning address,
go to READBACK tab – add – double click on added, select save folder, type – hex, start address default – 0x0000000000000000,
length – beginning of cache partition , connect powered off phone to cable)
– NEVER Format PRELOADER ! (and never flash preloader from other phone except if it’s totally bricked)

You have been warned !

Attached … my pro_info collection … You can edit it, put your PID, flash into phone,
and try updating with OTU.

p.s. I reopened thread, users should post their pro_info files here.
(before and after edit, success stories, PID of their phones – include all data, also languages of that pid !)
Dont post questions or anything else – it will be deleted !After some time, I will gather all into this main thread.


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