A23 board TW_A0721_V3.1 Firmware download

Allwinner A23 Mainboard TW_A0721_V3.1 Firmware Download Link

How to update A23 tablet TW_A0721_V3.1 Firmware Download

Allwinner A23 TW_A0721_V3.1 Tablet Firmware

board id : TW_A0721_V3.1

Flashing Tutorials & Download

This firmware will be flash on tablet through Allwinner A23 flasher https://allsolutiongsm.com/?p=3046 . There are few conditions when you used to flash tablet completely.

(Multiple errors generated by Software, Tablet stuck on logo or forgot user lock , gmail account ). Flashing stock firmware is always last option .

soft reset from settings. If nothing work fine then you need to flash your tablet firmware. For newbies see tablet flashing tutorials. https://allsolutiongsm.com/?p=3046

firmware courtesy by : Ublaze (Fantastic Developer)

logo and images property of Allwinner.

Download A23 TW_A0721_V3.1