Nokia X Root & Custom Recovery

Nokia X,X+,XL Android Mobiles Flashing tutorial + Firmware Downloader

Note: Flashing(Refurbish) – It will remove all user content from the memory (not SD) nd restore all settings 2 factory ones. It vil works only on connected nd not dead phones.

Recovery This options will recover dead phone or will flash different software variant designeted for other markets. Phone if is live must be powered down and not connected to NCS until massage pop up during flashing while after when you press the Start

To get start first download latest NCS with support Nokia X series.

Download NokiaCareSuiteForStore- Nokia android supported

Firmware(ROM) Downloader Nokia DataPackage Manager 2013.7.5 No need login

How to download firmware see below given n the picture


How to flash the nokia android mobiles nd recover Bricked Mobiles

* Download all ROM files and copy them into c:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\rm-xxx\

* Launch Nokia Care Suite from yur desktop and click on Product Support Tool for Store 5.0


* If you doing Recovery which is most of cases, unmark Automatic product selection and set No Connection. Do not connect the phone!
Click File-> Open product-> put model name if NCS let you or write down RM version, for example 980


* Then Programming-> recovery, downloaded packages will show up in the window


* Click on an firmware and press Start, wait for massage windows and follow it.


Nokia X – 980
Nokia X+ – to be updated
Nokia XL – to be updated

Nokia X – How boot in Recovery and Bootloader Mode

Nokia Recovery Mode:

1. Turn off your device
2. Press Volume + and Power Button 15 seconds

BootLoader Mode:

1. Turn off your device
2. Remove wires and battery
3. Hold on Volume + Key while you connect USB
4. Device should be detected as Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM